Music/ Studio Production Music/ Studio Production

Have your track(s) or album produced and/or recorded in a professional studio. Ocabo Music will help you to bring your musical vision to life.

In The Box Mixing In The Box Mixing

The way your song is mixed, makes a huge difference. Just as in production, Ocabo Music has your musical vision as its main focus.

Music Marketing Music Marketing

A lot of beginning and intermediate musicians forget the promotional part of music. Ocabo Music can help you find and reach your audience.

What we do


Music Production

Once you have written your song, it will need that icing on the cake. Basically, that is what production does. Adding and optimizing elements to get your song ready to be heard at its full potential.

€900 per song

Laptop on studiodesk

Mixing is not just slapping EQ and compression on your recordings. A mix starts with getting to know you and your vision as a band/artist. Stems and alternative versions are available at no extra costs.

€350 per song

Studio Production

With our experience and network we can help you record your music in prestige studios across the Netherlands. We will help you by making sure you get it right at the source.

Starting at €450 per day-part


Ocabo Music can help you getting your song heard by your audience. Together, we'll identify a promotion strategy. We will help you to setup ad, find playlists, and plan social media exposure.

Starting at €250 per campaign


We pride our selves in our personal approach. We believe that in order for artists to perform at their best, they need to be at ease. This is why we take the time to make you feel comfortable. Our services are tailored to help you in every way necessary to get your music out there.

  • Studio recording
    Studio recording
    Recording your full band or vocal stacks, in top notch studios across The Netherlands.
  • Personal approach
    Personal approach
    Feeling at ease is one of the most import factors for a successful studio session.
  • Every budget
    Every budget
    We support your music. Even when you are on a small(er) budget, we will make it work!
  • Network
    We can connect you with the best mastering engineers, songwriters, musicians, etc.
  • Session files
    Session files
    Your music, your ownership. You can get your project files and stems at no extra costs.
  • Rights protection
    Rights protection
    We can advice on how to handle your copyright and help you getting your rights registered.
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