I did mixing and mastering a song that I've released before with Jochem, the result my music sounds better than the previous one. He also helped me to understand more about music productions. You can ask him everything and he will answers it clearly. I can't wait to work with Jochem for another project.


Als je me smile ziet :):):) Thank you thank you

Gabryella West

Jochem is honestly very comfortable to work with: he listens to your vision and adds his own vision to it as well. This creates a perfect end result for all the parties involved. Thank you Jochem for working on our song!


Jochem is great to work with: he doesn't stop until the project has reached its full potential and the people he's working with are pleased with the result. It's easy to communicate with him, you can't say that about every producer, so that definitely is a huge plus for collaborating with Jochem. We recorded a few covers together, where I did the singing and lyrics and Jochem produced and mixed the songs. I'd definitely recommend him.

Liz Ink

Jochem is super talented and professional in so many ways, great musical contributions, really improved my music, and he has also been a huge help in getting me up to speed with how the music industry works. Communication with Jochem is great, he’s incredibly helpful and patient and reliable. But most importantly; it’s a pleasure working together with him and the final result was a track that I’m super pleased with!


Working with Jochem was a joy and a privilege! Truly an outstanding musician, guitarist, and producer on all accounts...and an equally outstanding gentleman. He exhibits the kind of professionalism that one comes to appreciate when working at the top of the game. Truly an excellent experience. Highly, highly recommended!!!

Scott Foster Harris

Jochem is an awesome producer who definately has a feel for good arrangements! Would absolutely reccommend:)

Nick Jongejan

Starting this project was a great new adventure, combining music and poetry was something we both had never done before. Right from the start Jochem was full of enthousiasm, creativity, and professionalism. This created a real good atmosphere to create in, and a safe space for me to share my personal work. He was always very responsive to feedback. The outcome was above my expectations, the music supports my poetry beautifully and brings it to another level. The production is of great quality.

Myrthe Nauta

Good quality production, mixing and mastering. Constructive collaboration.

Willem Sloet

Jochem is amazing! So chill and easy to work. Really hope to do another project with him again!

Geena Fontanella

I’ve worked on many projects with Jochem and It’s always such a pleasure to work with him. The music is good which makes everything easier and his level of communication and professionalism is top notch.

Rich DaSilva
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